​The Fabrics


The QUALITY of the product is one of the fundamental feature of Caramì.

The underwear is the first thing you wear and the last thing you put off, so it cannot be annoying cause it must assist you during all the day.

We often buy brazilian panties or lace bras that look beautiful and comfortable but, when you wear them, they turn out to be uncomfortable and low-quality products.

The goal of Caramì is to make each woman feel at ease with its own body.

In order to communicate an external well-being it is important to feel comfortable with what we wear.

The lingerie has the most direct contact with our skin.
For this reason, Caramì Team uses precious, researched and high-quality fabrics. Of course, all Made in Italy.

The philosophy of the brand is: “Keep up with the times, making the collections timely, honoring the tradition and, in particular, the Made in Italy”.

The products are rigorously thought, manufactured and wrapped in Italy.

But our concern for the details does not stop there.

What do you think about those underwear where you must remove the label since it is “too uncomfortable”?

We took into consideration also this element.
Caramì labels are manufactured in order to seem almost imperceptible when you wear the garments.

Our greatest wish is that the care and the passion we have for our products being passed from each fiber of the textiles we select and from each single sewing, treated with accuracy.

The last, but not least, attribute is the attention to the packaging.

The package is the chest which encloses a refined and elegant undergarment, consequently it cannot be overlooked.

Our packaging (made in Tuscany), consists in black matt boxes with sharp edge, imagined and treated in order to be beautiful but, at the same time, practical and reusable.

The size and the materials used allow to transform the boxes into organizers for the drawer without sliding away when you open it.

In addition, the customer will always think about Caramì and his shopping.

But you can also use Caramì boxes as jewelry case or to place your nail polishes, makeup, belts…

The mission of Caramì is to guarantee every woman a unique experience, which makes always feel comfortable with herself in every moment of life.

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