L'Activewear di Caramì: il perfetto equilibrio tra funzionalità e stile

Caramì Activewear: the perfect balance between functionality and style

Sportswear is no longer just a simple outfit for training, but it is increasingly becoming a staple of fashion. That's why Caramì, an Italian clothing brand, has decided to dedicate an entire collection to activewear. The garments in this collection combine functionality and style, allowing you to feel comfortable and self-confident during training.

Caramì activewear made in Italy


The philosophy of the brand

Caramì was born with the aim of creating garments that were not only beautiful to look at, but also functional and comfortable to wear. Activewear too is no exception to this philosophy: Caramì Sports Collection was designed to offer high-quality garments, created for the well-being of the body during physical activity.

The design

The design of the Activewear of Caramì is studied to enhance the female figure. The stretch fabrics allow great freedom of movement, while the close-fitting shapes give an extra touch of style. The attention to detail is evident in every garment: from leggings to sports bras.


But it's not just the design that makes the difference: technology is a key element of Caramì's activewear. Technical fabrics allow you to regulate body temperature, eliminating excess perspiration and ensuring a feeling of freshness during training.
In addition, flat seams prevent skin irritation, while anti-odour materials keep garments fresh and hygienic


In conclusion, Caramì has managed to create a clothing line that not only responds to the needs of athletes, but can also be worn outside of training.

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Caramì activewear is the ideal choice for those who want to train in style and comfort

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