The Caramì beachwear collection is bold, bright and brilliant to shine under the sun's rays.

Swimsuits are full of energy. Their glow perfectly interprets the brand's philosophy: Underwear as Outerwear

Caramì was born in 2016 by two young Florentine sisters, Carlotta and Camilla, as a 100% Made in Italy brand specializing in luxury lingerie and activewear .

The philosophy is precisely that of making the garments, both underwear and sportswear, versatile and therefore outsourced.
The bras - so beautiful that it's a shame to hide them - become visible tops; Leggings and jazz pantas are perfect for training, but also for more casual outings combined with heels, shirt and/or tuxedo jacket ; sports tops become under-jacket for summer evenings and shorts or bikers are a must-have when looking for comfort at home and/or in the gym.

In 2020 the brand decides to give life to the first swimwear capsule, maintaining the same peculiarity. Thus was born a chic, elegant and refined beachwear which, in addition to being breathable and suitable for the pool, sea or lake, can be combined with palazzo trousers or worn as an under-jacket for evening outings.

Caramì swimwear made in Italy luxury

Pixel, Salina, Maddalena: these are the names of the three beachwear collections proposed by Caramì.

The first takes inspiration from the digital world: Caramì was born e-commerce already in 2016.

The pixel print on a silver background - fabric by Ratti SPA - creates plays of color in the sunlight or in the nocturnal glow of the clubs. The Pixel line is available in three models, all double-faced: the one-piece Olympic, the one-shoulder bandeau and the triangle with cup.
In contrast there is a black breathable Sensitive® lining from the Lombard company Eurojersey, which has adopted sustainability as its guiding principle.
Once turned over the costume is black with a silver trim.

pixel caramì bikini made in italy carami collection

Salina is the second collection, made only in the one-piece model with one-shoulder crossover, accompanied by a skirt, perfect for aperitifs on the beach.

salina caramì swimsuit made in italy carami collection

The lurex fabric on a white lining - Sensitive® - recalls the brilliant sand of the most famous Italian beaches.

Finally Maddalena , available in the gray and black color variants, one-piece crossed model and bandeau bikini.

The sequins alternate with the Sensitive® lycra fabric to give the garment lightness.
These are Italian sequins that do not cause irritation in contact with the skin.

The one-piece model is high on the front and has a deep neckline on the back. The bikini, on the other hand, can become a comfortable top, having the possibility of tying it both behind the neck and behind the shoulders.

Caramì eliminates seasonality from its costumes. These can be worn for both winter parties and hot summer days.

As indeed in all Caramì products Quality wins over Quantity: "A Caramì garment is forever".

If treated with care, the products can last a long time and be worn for multiple seasons.

The collections are defined as TimeLess - timeless - they are always up-to-date collections. Caramì is interpreted by the two founders as a style and not as a passing and random fad.
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