From Florence comes the 0 Km and all Italian Lingerie

Eco-sustainable fashion is a current theme: from fast-fashion giants such as H&M, to luxury brands such as Gucci that take the field against the exploitation of labour.

We at the #CaramìTeam also care about this theme and our brand is proof of this.

The recipe is simple: high quality materials, 100% Made in Italy production and study of models that combine beauty, practicality and comfort . In a path that blends Italian tradition, passion and innovation. Italian lace becomes modern and colored in bras and briefs with a contemporary cut. Velvet, a fabric of historical elegance, is reinvented in garments designed for physical activity and accompanies movements with its softness.

The materials of Caramì are of all-Italian quality, they do not use toxic substances and respect the skin and the environment . From the design to the final garment, everything is traceable and made in Italy. The collections respect women's skin and their shapes because they don't constrict and remain unchanged over time.
“Underwear that becomes outerwear” is our motto and embodies our philosophy: “to create underwear and sportswear so beautiful, practical and comfortable that it would have been impossible for our customers to wear them only at home or in the gym”.

Since 2016 we have been promoting awareness events against eating disorders and against violence, we support female empowerment and on Instagram, with their @carami.collection page and the hashtag #Caramìteam, we promote aggregation and a sense of belonging entirely to the female.

Joining the community is simple: wear your Caramì garment and photograph yourself, you will enter a community of women who make kindness and self-love the engine of life.


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