Collezione Lanzarote Caramì: capi tecnici dall’alto impatto scenografico.

Lanzarote Caramì collection: technical garments with a high visual impact.

The Lanzarote collection is an extraordinary result of the meeting between the timeless charm of velvet and technological innovation.

The garments in this collection, which range from lingerie to activewear , are made with Carvico's Aldabra fabric , whose name is synonymous with quality and comfort.

Activewear for Active Women

If you are passionate about fitness or simply love wearing high quality sportswear, the " Lanzarote " collection will win you over.

These garments are designed to offer optimal comfort, elasticity and breathability.

Whether you are at the gym, in the office or taking a walk in the park, you will always feel at ease wearing Caramì garments. The durability of the fabric ensures that these garments maintain their beauty and performance over time.

Luxury Lingerie for Every Occasion

Caramì doesn't stop here. The "Lanzarote" collection also offers a selection of luxury lingerie . The underwear made with Carvico's Aldabra fabric are a pleasure for the skin, thanks to their softness and unparalleled comfort.

Each garment is designed with great attention to detail, offering clean lines and shapes that flatter the figure, giving the wearer a sense of confidence and beauty.

A Brand That Combines Tradition and Innovation

Caramì demonstrates with the Lanzarote collection that it is possible to combine tradition and innovation to create clothing that is not only beautiful to look at, but also pleasant to wear and functional in everyday life . The "Lanzarote" collection represents the best of both worlds, combining the timeless luxury of velvet with Carvico's high-quality technical fabrics.

Pink: The Color of Elegance

The Lanzarote collection is also characterized by its bold use of the color pink . This particular tone of pink is the symbol of style that adds a touch of femininity to garments making them more sophisticated and fascinating .

Pink is a color that symbolizes grace, sweetness and self-confidence, and the "Lanzarote" collection adopts it boldly, creating pieces that capture attention and leave an indelible impression.

If you are looking for sportswear and/or underwear that combines elegance , functionality and comfort , look no further: the Lanzarote collection by Caramì is the answer.

These pieces are perfect for modern women who don't want to compromise between style and performance.

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