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Self Love

"SELF LOVE”: why this word appears in our captions?

We are Carlotta and Camilla, two very close sisters who decided to create Caramì based on this ideal: Love yourself because all your imperfections constitute your uniqueness.
Each of us is beautiful in its imperfections.
Nobody is perfect and maybe women will never fully like themselves: we will always find something wrong but not for this we have to make ourself ill.
We have to love ourselves.
Nowadays we hear on the news many cases of people who destroy their lives because they do not believe to measure up to live in a society which gives too much value to certain stereotypes and specific standards of beauty.
Nobody should follow these models since everyone is different but, at the same time, it is exactly this variety that makes us unique and inimitable.
We know what it means “do not love yourself too much” and SELF LOVE appears in our captions as Caramì was born on this principle.
To know how to distinguish yourself, to look good to please the most critical people: ourselves.
Make defects your strengths and unique features.
Love yourself as you are, SELF LOVE.
Let’s devote frequently to ourselves. Let yourself sometimes be pampered. Enjoy once in a while some pleasures, something that makes you feel good and beautiful.
We cannot communicate external well-being if interiorly there is no peace with ourselves.
Let’s wake up every day looked in the mirror and telling us how beautiful we are.
Easy to say: at first it will seem ridiculous but repeating it every morning, it will become reality.
Men may feel fragile too. Fragile people are the most sensitive, the ones who get carried away by any negative situation.
Precisely in these situations we must bring out our strength and react.
Let’s set goals and comply with them, exceeding with perfect scores.
Everybody has problems, even if they do not tell or show them. What matters is the strength with which you react to trouble.
It is also important to have people we can really rely upon, not only in words.
For this reason we give great importance to the TEAM: Caramì Team struggled with a disease.
A sisterly love, that goes beyond everything and everyone; solid, true and that it is certain it will last forever.
It was not easy… there were, there are and there will be difficulties.
But... Unity is strength and together we can overcome everything.
This means “Team”
This is the Caramì Team.