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Scrunchies: Summer 2020 Must-Have

New collection of hair bands, handmade in Italy, in collaboration with Chemin.


Bunny Ear Scrunchie

You can choose between two different models of scrunchies: one with a soft bow or with wings which go down from the hair

They are created using the same fabric of the Caramì Loungewear collection: silk velvet.

The available colours are the same as the Kimonos and Pajamas: Red and Blue; these colours are suitable for all hair colours: Blonde, Brunette, redhead and dark hair.

Caramì scrunchies are soft but, at the same time, resistant to the hairstyles.

Like all our products, we always recommend taking care of these scrunchies.
Hand wash only, in order to preserve long-lasted beauty and shine of the items.

You will receive the scrunchies into the silk bag of Caramì: A classy packaging for an elegant product.

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