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Leggings by Caramì

Leggings for life, not just lockdown

Perhaps you have discovered the existence of leggings in this quarantine.
Fantastic for playing sports, comfortable for staying at home and casual for aperitifs (via Skype) with friends.
Once worn, you will realize that they are comfortable and functional at the same time.
Before talking about the Leggings, let's introduce a keyword that identifies Caramì: Versatility.
In fact, each Caramì product can be worn on various occasions without sacrificing comfort, femininity and elegance.

A garment that represents Versatility par excellence are leggings; a MUST HAVE by Caramì are those in velvet, not a simple velvet, but a Carvico velvet, mainly suitable for physical activity.
Those who don't like velvet can opt for a simple black leggings in Sensitive fabric or one in a colorful pattern.
We attach you the link to the collection here.
Leaving aside the comfort and beauty that all our leggings have, these can be used (as well as in the gym):
  • to go dancing
  • for a casual dinner out
  • for an aperitif with friends
  • to go to university
  • and these days as Homewear!
The leggings will be your Jolly: combine it as you like!
A hug,
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