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How to wash Caramì garments

“Treat me with care and I will always be as good as new…”

carami how to wash clothes

Our garments need attention and care during washing in order to always look as new.

Never forget it and take advantage of this time at home to tidy up your Caramì collection.

All products must be hand washed in warm water and do NOT use aggressive detergents.
Subsequently, the garments are spread out on a suitable hanger and these are dried with the rhythm of the wind, NOT in the dryer.

The garments must NOT be ironed.
At least, we recommend a little steam depending on the product you are dealing with.

Each Caramì product is delicate and requires attention.
The fabrics used are precious and comfortable, but it is necessary to treat them with care to ensure that they always look as if they were just bought.

For any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.
We will always be ready to answer you.

With love,
Carami Team