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CaramìTeam #iostoacasa

It has been a while that Caramì talks about Self Love.

It is not surprising…
This is the time to put it into practice.

The situation for all of Italy has become dangerous. We pushed ourselves too much.
The government adopted the solution to force people to stay at home as much as possible.

This is a good reason to think about yourself.
We could grant to take long baths which we dreamed of in the office. We may use oils or the effervescent bath balls we received as a gift and we thought to throw them away due to disuse.
We can apply beauty masks and the beauty treatments we wish to do… All those things we never had time for.

Now the time has come.
Tidy your wardrobe, arrange the pantry, get rid of all your old odds and ends around your house. Clean, put unused clothes in a bag to then donate to charity. Watch the recorded movies never seen. Try new recipes.

Who is not alone at home can spend quality time with family or flatmates...
Those words never said, the conversations never discussed, the jokes postponed…
It is a great way to make up for a lost time. Now you have the chance, make the most of this period.
If everyone cooperates and respects the rules it will not last long.

We must make sacrifices now to accelerate this quarantine.
These are called “sacrifices” but, in reality, we all dream of working at home under the duvet, or sleeping in, or taking long and relaxing baths… everyone wishes to spend time taking care of yourself.
Take this opportunity to recharge your batteries in order to come back stronger than before and to show the world Italy can get by.

Public Healthcare works better than in other countries. Doctors and all the staff are certainly living up. Stop talking about us as “Spreaders”.
It is not a pestilence, we are not at war. They are just asking us to stay calm at home.

Let’s take this time to think of us, let’s cuddle, let’s just relax… then we will show them how great we are.

Come on, Italy!
Come on, Florence!