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Training in the time of the Coronavirus

Since the entry into force of the new directives against the spread of the Coronavirus, the Government has been trying in every way to make us stay at home as much as possible, only going out for emergencies.

Playing sports outdoors or in the gym therefore does not fall into the category.

But those like us who just can't give up physical activity, given that it also increases the immune system, can follow the profile of Carol Enrico who shows us very easy exercises to do at home.

Every evening (8pm) Monday through Friday, upload a workout to perform the next day. We're already at number 9 so for those who missed them, get started now! ;)

His workouts are suitable for all levels, from beginners to professionals, and can be done in the living room with ease.

For those who don't like circuits, they can take Booty Barre, Yoga or Mobility lessons .

In his profile you will find all the programs and their respective timetables.

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Dedicate some time to yourself, find your balance and set yourself goals.

In this period, more than ever, let's develop Resilience : let's show that we know how to adapt to this quarantine and above all we find sources of inspiration that can improve us and help us reach our goals.

We start right away by testing strength and mobility.

Here is a short sequence by Carol Enrico: it is a mix between Yoga and Mobility.

carol enrico caramì jungle activewear

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