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Caramì: Story and The Team

Caramì is a lingerie, activewear and loungewear Made in Italy brand. 

It was founded in 2016 by two Florentine sisters with the desire to realise a common dream through their products: ”Make all women feel comfortable on any occasion”.

The philosophy of the brand is “The underwear that becomes outerwear”.  

They want to create a product that is beautiful, refined but, at the same time, comfortable. 

In particular, the lingerie is the first thing you put on and the last you take off, so it must be practical and cosy. 

It must assist the woman during all the day.

Each single detail has been made in Italy: from the smallest (such as the label) to the largest one (for example the box).

The principal fabrics are: velvet, lace and silk. 

These reflect the purpose of the Brand: “Keep up with the times, making the collection timely and honouring the Made in Italy”. 

This is considered an intangible value that all the word envies Italy for: “Who buys an Italian product owns a piece of the history of our Country and the quality of our Know-how”.

The three keywords that perfectly describe the articles of Caramì are: Tradition, Innovation and Passion.

Tradition because it encompasses the care of their materials and the attention to detail.

Innovation because Caramì uses an innovative sales channel (The E-commerce).

Passion because it was born from the relationship between the two sisters during a bad period for their family.

From the lace bras, to the silk velvet kimonos, till the sport leggings… 

They are all high-quality products - both for the design and the manufacture- which have as main features the comfort, the elegance and the charm.

But the beautiful of Caramì is the story behind. 

A true love story between two sisters. 

During a bad period for their family they found the strength to overcome the negativity and to create something amazing. 

The young sister started suffering from an eating disorder in 2015 and she lost lots of kilos during the last year of high school. 

The situation became really serious after the second hospitalization because her body didn’t answer, neither to the artificial feeding. 

So the oldest sister understood that she needed to distract the youngest one by the food thought. 

They started thinking to create something that make them closer and to help the sister to deviate her mind from food and focus on other.

One night they dreamed the same thing: make the lace bras - which in US started becoming so popular - 

It was a dream that came true: in one year they created their first collection, specializing on luxury lingerie, activewear and loungewear, just for women. 

This is not the end because the dream of the youngest sister was to be a model of their collection, but she couldn’t do with an unhealthy body. 

So, together with doctors and different helps by amazing people, she gains 12 kilos more and today she joins the shooting for the collection. 

The most important thing to fall in love with your job is the team.

Caramì has a special team...

The two sisters, thank you to their close relationship, gave life to their common dream.

But there is another main component, their mom, who balances between the ideas of the sisters.

It is a female team which works due to the synergy of the three girls.

The mascot is the fabulous dog Zeus. He is always with them and supports the team sleeping all day.

They believe in the girl power and the love of the family. 

This brand made closer the three women.

The logo has three meanings: the first is the two “C” which look at themselves (since the name comes from the union of the two sisters, Carlotta and Camilla). 

Then it looks like a bra and the last, but not least meaning, is the fact that is similar to the symbol of Florence, the Lily.

Caramì is a niche brand, born in Florence as e-commerce, which wants to extend its business worldwide. They want to share the Italian design all over the world.

The production is the result of the mix of tastes of the two founders, which have opposite sensibility, but they are connected by their mom. 

Caramì is a symbol of revenge, it is the love of two sisters, it is the result of collaboration between women and, of course, it is the refined Italian style. 


Caramì team